At Goodwin Simon Strategic Research, we believe in the clients for whom we work. We seek candidates, ballot measures, nonprofits, and public sector clients who share our idealism and our commitment to making a better world.

Personalized service is the key. A partner always serves as the principal researcher for every client. We work with our clients to make sure that they get their money’s worth: fast, accurate, and useful research findings. We provide personal, hands-on attention to every client.

We are fully engaged strategic partners, and we look at the whole picture. Our partners have extensive backgrounds not only in statistics, but also in policy, communications, and politics. We help our clients conceptualize their ideas, and then turn their ideas into reality using the research findings to improve communications.

What we do works. Our clients come back year after year, and refer others to us. More importantly, our clients have been succeeding in their election campaigns, in their social marketing programs, and in their organizational efforts.